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Myth: Having blackheads means I have oily skin.

Anyone can develop blackheads regardless of how oily their skin is. It is not about the amount of oil your skin produces but more about the thickness of that oil and/or the tightness of the pore. The thicker the oil or the tighter the pore, the more likely it is that it will block, and a blackhead will form.

So the key is to make sure you have really good quality oil that flows well. Taking the Bestow Beauty Oil supports this. It is also important to avoid congesting foods which can thicken the oil in your skin, making it more likely to block the pore. Topical hydration is also very important to reduce the occurrence of blackheads. You skincare routine needs to support hydration to keep your skin soft and supple, allowing the flow of oil naturally out onto the skins surface.

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