G&M Neurocosmedics


The Ginger&Me Neurocosmedics range is built on the philosophy of skin respect and wellbeing that is multifunctional with botanical and technological enhancement. Accumulative results to ensure a safe and gentle approach for visible skin change. The perfect entry level range toward high active skincare, or the best consideration for more compromised skins. A luxurious experience, the textures are a sensory dream, indulgent and feel like silk to apply.

For your complete customer satisfaction G & M Neurocosmedics Skincare products should only be purchased from trained and authorised Skincare Professionals.

G & M Neurocosmedics is not sold online and there are no authorised shops selling G & M Neurocosmedics direct to the public.  

You can purchase G & M Neurocosmedics by calling us on 04 476 6664, sending us an email info@absoluteblisskarori.co.nz or popping in to see us.