Get the Gold Standard of Dermapen Treatments

Ensure superior microneedling results and exceptional safety by choosing a Dermapen Gold Authorised Treatment Provider. We have been recognised by Dermapen as following all treatment protocols, including use of the latest model device available, in combination with only products specifically designed to work with Dermapen for safe, proven outcomes.

Dermapen is a device which has superseded Dermal Rollering. It has oscillating micro-needles which penetrate the skin creating controlled micro-trauma to the skin that prompts the stimulation of growth factors responsible for the promotion of collagen. The more collagen your skin has, the more elastic, less wrinkled and better textured your skin will be! Dermapen works incredibly well to improve the appearance of ageing, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, uneven texture and scar tissue. Treatment includes consultation, cleanse, exfoliation, moisturiser, & SPF.

Dermapen Gold treatment / 45 mins / $329

Add on +Uber MD Peel / $28

Add on LED Face mask / $25

LED Light Therapy

Using soothing, non- invasive Light Emitting Diode (LED) therapy to stimulate dermal blood flow can assist with fasting healing and improved skin appearance.  Targeting at a cellular level, LED improves the appearance of problematic skin, redness, skin tone and skin aging including fine lines and wrinkles.  Book a stand alone LED Power Boost or add to any facial or Dermapen to maximise results.  best done as multiple treatments.

LED Power Boost Facial / 30 mins / $79

Add to a Facial / $25

IPL – Skin Rejuvenation

Single lesion / $65

Hands / $80

Full Face / $199

Half Face / $149

Mid Face / $90

Neck / $100

Decolletage / $100

We use the latest Eclipse (NZ) certified technology to treat pigmentation such as ‘sun spots’ and vascular lesions (spider veins, broken capillaries). This treatment will also stimulate collagen production, modify connective tissue, tighten dilated pores, improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines.


15 minutes / $71

The Lamprobe is a safe and effective way to treat minor skin imperfections using radio frequency and high frequency technology. It is ideal for the treatment of skin tags, spider naevi, cholesterol deposits, milia, telangiectasia, acne, fibroma simplex and clogged pores. In most cases one treatment is all that is required.

Appearance Medicine with Natalie Wilkes – Cosmetic Nurse

Regular botulinum injections is considered the best way to delay the ageing process.

Botox®, Xeomin® and Dysport® are all derivatives of the naturally occurring protein produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. They are collectively known as Neuromodulators which means they work by blocking the neurotransmitters that stimulate muscles to contract. Our unique facial expressions are caused by muscles in our face contracting, and over time this repetitive movement results in the development of wrinkles. Botulinum injections help to counter this by reducing the muscles ability to contract, thus suppressing movement and consequently reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

For more detailed information and before and after photos of Natalie’s work, visit her website: www.imperfect.co.nz or book a free consultation with us here at Absolute Bliss.  Natalie is at Absolute Bliss on a Tuesday once a month.