Semi-Permanent Tattooing is here!! FREE CONSULTATIONS (for a limited time)

Microblading/Microstroking This is the most ‘natural’ look of all eyebrow techniques. Microblading, also known as Microstroking or Feathering, involves using ultra-fine hair strokes to create a very natural, realistic brow for those who have sparse brows, no tails or are just wanting to perfect & define their shape. In a microblading treatment, our licensed Cosmetic Tattooist

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Pay for either 3 or 6 Dermapen treatments and receive 25% off

3 treatments @ 25% discount = $663.75 (save $221.25)

6 treatments @ 25% discount = $1327.50 (save $442.50)

Other details:

The payment for either 3 or 6 treatments may be split into two.  50% deposit must be paid up front with the balance to be paid either prior to, or at the time of the 2nd treatment.

By taking advantage of this offer each treatment will be $221 each instead of $295 at the full price.